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Business - Case Study
With Workmate’s help, foodpanda built a strong temporary workforce and met its staffing needs for pandamart across 44 locations in Thailand.
Vanessa Ng
20 May 2022
Business - Case Study
Learn how foodpanda grew its telesales team by 280% and achieved 300% ROI by outsourcing a new business process to Workmate.
Emma Andini
13 May 2022
Business - Case Study
Learn how outsourcing agency Aplus reduced the time taken to hire warehouse workers by up to 93% by using a data-driven hiring solution.
Team Workmate
10 Jan 2022
Find out the right HR tools for your companies and hiring needs in this articles. Choose your best HR tools to support your workforce productivity. Read more.
Team Workmate
10 Dec 2021
BusinessBusiness - F&B
Find out ways to hire quality restaurant employees and ways to retain them. Read more in this articles.
Team Workmate
24 Nov 2021
BusinessBusiness - Warehouse
Get to know the right steps to hire qualified warehouse worker. From their qualifications and duties, KPIs for your team and ways to retain your worker. Read more in this articles.
Team Workmate
23 Nov 2021
Get to know challenges and the right tools for managing your frontline workforce inside this fireside chat with Mathew Ward, CEO of Workmate spoke to Bhavani Shankar Mishra, Regional Director of Logistics (APAC) at foodpanda on HR Tech Fest 2021
Team Workmate
9 Nov 2021
BusinessBusiness Blog PostBlog Post
Shift workers are an essential driver of our economy. What is pandemic's impact on the shift-based workforce in Singapore and the rest of Asia? Workmate's Founder and CEO, Mathew Ward examines the future of shift work.
Mathew Ward
2 Aug 2021
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