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Shift workers are an essential driver of our economy. What is pandemic's impact on the shift-based workforce in Singapore and the rest of Asia? Workmate's Founder and CEO, Mathew Ward examines the future of shift work.
Mathew Ward
2 Aug 2021
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Find out how Workmate helped Shipper centralise time and attendance data, while ensuring accuracy and efficiency for payroll needs.
Emma Andini
7 Jul 2021
Workmate has raised a senior secured loan of up to USD 10 million from Lendable Inc.
Vanessa Ng
5 Jul 2021
Beyond just fine-tuning the outreach and orientation process, it’s crucial that businesses look into an onboarding routine that can quickly orientate newcomers to their roles, while helping them integrate better into the organization.
Workmate Team
31 May 2021
If you’re looking to enhance your blue collar recruitment, check out the following job boards.
Workmate Team
31 May 2021
Workmate FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about our workforce management platform
2 Mar 2021
26 Jan 2021
Managing employee shift schedules? Read our guide on how to improve your shift scheduling processes for better attendance rates and optimal productivity.
Workmate Team
2 Dec 2020
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