Mobilize your entire workforce in just a few clicks.

Achieve better performance from your workforce with the help of powerful automation tools that make employee scheduling, communication, time & attendance tracking and reporting accurate and seamless.
Workforce Management Software Solutions
Integrated Worker Network

Hire extra workers to fill workforce gaps directly on the platform.

Build a strong, reliable workforce with the help of our integrated network of over 50,000 pre-vetted workers. Our AI-algorithm uses real historical data to match you with the right workers, so you can fill workforce gaps fast.
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Recruitment Worker Network
Automated Shift Scheduling

Get the right workers to the right shifts.

Improve fulfilment rates as you assign and notify schedules to your entire team in seconds. View and manage your entire roster schedule, including reported absences, in one intuitive platform.
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Shift Scheduling Software
Time & Attendance Tracking

Accurate attendances, trusted timesheets.

Tracking employee attendance is now more accurate with our secure QR clock-in system that feeds into automated timesheets and payroll integration. Save time on manual reconciliation, and retain workers as they get paid the right amount, on time.
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Time and Attendance Tracking Software
Integrated Supervisor & Worker App

Stay connected with your on-ground workforce. attendances, trusted timesheets.

No more miscommunication- your updates are reflected on the integrated Supervisor App & Worker App in real-time, so you entire team is always in-sync. Communicate shift schedules, send automated reminders, resolve timesheet disputes, and get real-time feedback without coordination bottlenecks.
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Workforce Supervisor and Employee Mobile App
Workforce Analytics

Monitor workforce performance over time, in real time.

Get full visibility on your workforce across all locations with powerful analytics dashboards that track workforce expenses, fulfilment and performance. Monitor how you are pacing against targets and spot issues early on to further optimize your workforce output.
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Workforce Analytics

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