Supervisor App

Stay connected with your on-ground supervisors.

Get real-time updates from your supervisors on location when they clock in, confirm attendances and rate workers through an integrated app.

Discover how Workmate can take your workforce management to the next level.

Supervisors instantly know who's coming to work.

Without having to coordinate back and forth, your published schedules are automatically reflected on the Supervisor app. So they know and can verify which workers are assigned to work that day.
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Secure and accurate QR clock-in system.

Supervisors clock workers in and out by scanning the QR code on the Worker App, automatically accounting for late starts and overtime. By seeing the photo uploaded on each worker profile, supervisors can also verify that the right person showed up to the right shift.
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Instantly resolve disputed timesheets.

As soon as supervisors confirm the recorded attendances, you can immediately start approving timesheets. If there is a dispute, supervisors can resolve them directly on the app.
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Supervisor ratings help you make better decisions.

At the end of each shift, supervisors can rate each worker based on their performance that day. This gives you the data to identify star performers and make better decisions to optimize your workforce.
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