Time and Attendance

Trusted timesheets that save you time.

Workmate helps you track time and attendance with accuracy, so you can spend less time on timesheets.

Discover how Workmate can take your workforce management to the next level.

Quicker with QR.

On-ground supervisors clock your workers in and out with a secure QR system, with instant adjustments to late starts and overtime. Every worker has a picture on their profile that supervisors can use to validate, adding another layer of protection against time theft.
QR clock in system

Take a break.

Supervisors get notified when workers are on breaks in real-time, so you can always have enough people to keep things running. With breaks accounted for, you'll get even more accurate information for payroll, right down to the minute.

Secure self-attendance.

Get dependable attendance data even when no supervisors are around. Self-clock ins use multi-factor authentication to give you accurate data, protecting you from fraudulent timesheets. Check if your workers are located within designated workplaces at clock ins, and further verify attendance with their on-the-spot selfies.

Real-time integration with HR dashboard.

Recorded attendances go straight to HR for approval, the minute they’re confirmed by your supervisor. Eliminate the risk of losing timesheets between disintegrated systems.

Reconciliation done in seconds, not days.

Approve 100s of timesheets in one click, so you can spend time on more important tasks. Instantly resolve disputes with supervisors- all through the integrated Supervisor App.
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Timesheet reconciliation

So payroll doesn't have to be painful.

Workmate auto-calculates worker wages, ready for payroll. Pay your workers the right amount, on time- so they are less likely to churn.
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Payroll report export

Digitally enabled manpower and workforce solutions

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