Track employment performance against targets with fulfillment Analytics

View fulfillment rates without having to wait for reports from your Operations team. Monitor employment and shift attendance rates so you can be confident that no quotas were missed.

See fulfillment over time... in real time.

Instantly check employment and fulfillment rates- no more waiting to see if you’ve met hiring targets!

Get alerted when you need to improve fulfillment.

Compare performance to industry benchmarks and get notified if fulfillment drops below a certain level.

Find the right workforce size for your business.

Monitor workforce overtime trends to evaluate if you need to adjust your workforce size. If you require extra workers, our integrated worker network has over 50,000 pre-vetted workers to recommend.

Real-time reports, reimagined.

Combine fulfillment Analytics with Performance Analytics and Expense Analytics to get the full picture on how your workforce is really performing.
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