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We take staffing solutions further. Workmate's digital-first approach to non-executive staffing minimises human intervention and simplifies the recruitment processes. Discover how tech-enabled staffing can enhance hiring outcomes with speed and scale.

We're transforming the future of staffing

Quality matters too.

Reduce no shows and worker churn. We automatically crunch data from over 500,000 workers to match the best candidates based on location, past experience, reliability and skills. So when top candidates reach you, you've already saved hours on candidate vetting and screening.

Automation that do the legwork

Automate the time consuming hiring tasks. We automate the routine aspects of hiring such as sourcing, screening and quality scoring to achieve more with less time and effort.
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No reconciliation delays

Say goodbye to paper timesheets. All attendance is tracked securely through our Worker app with approvals from our Supervisor app, giving you accurate, dispute-free payroll data.
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Get ahead of the data.

No more waiting till end of the month for reports. Track cost and fulfilment data on a live dashboard to forecast expenses and plan ahead.
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30% lower fees.

Our in-market staffing team hires more efficiently with Workmate's technology, saving you up to 30% in management fees compared to traditional solutions. Find out how we boost productivity while reducing costs to your business.
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Discover how digitally-enabled staffing solutions can help your business

Staff up your workforce with less cost and effort. Find out how Workmate can cater to your manpower needs today.